Wellness care for feet

Why worry about your feet?

The feet are one of the most stressed parts of the human body. All day they wear, and often suffer from improper shoes. No wonder we can then complain about pressure sores, blisters or calluses. Therefore, it is necessary to afford them the care they deserves.
In our salon not distribute classic pedicure, it is only a treatment of special products used in pedikúrách and relaxing massage for your legs and feet.



Cuccio DetoXsoak   Price: 430 CZK

Cuccio offers a unique experience with new Cuccio Detoxsoak. The wellness spa includes a herbal bath DetoXsoak you'll love.
Feet have 500,000 sweat glands, which help to remove toxins from the body. DetoXsoak bath 15min and 15-minute special DetoXsoak massage removes stress and help you relax and rejuvenate the entire body.
This is not a classic pedicure!
CND Shellac ™, a patent-registered technology for which is already in progress for a patent. Professional nail treatment, which combines the ease of application of paint, incredibly high gloss and long term durability wear.
CND Shellac ™ is applied like paint - only a bottle brush. A removal in just 10 minutes with a comfortable, safe and friendly CND Shellac ™ stripping pads. No filing or grinding, therefore no damage to the nail. Result? 14-day gorgeous mirror finish in 36 shades of different colors - it is simply addictive!
There are many imitators but only one CND Shellac ™!
CND Shellac monochromatic    450 CZK
CND Shellac france manicure   490 CZK
CND Shellac nail art 1 finger from 10 CZK
CND Shellac remove                   99 CZK

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