In our salon you can enjoy a classic manicure and care of natural fingernails. Manure starts again enjoy a great popularity and many ladies who had designed a gel or acrylic nails are returning to the classic manicure. Nowadays, the modern woman is not only the perfect clothes and makeup, but also perfectly beautiful and manicured hands and nails.


Classic manicure      Price: 290 CZK

Classical or wet manicure is essential care for your hands. You will not only relax, relaxation, but also satisfying feeling that you have for your nails done the maximum. It is designed for both men and women. Manicure includes the following steps and takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

P-Shine Manicure     Price: 299 CZK

 P-shine manicure technique is purely natural nail treatment. Nails are treated with a special paste to polish and nourishes simultaneously. Small abrasive particles dispossess all the bumps on the surface of the nail and nail polishing steps are protected against external influences such as water, detergents, etc.
This is the company P.Shine literally sweep over other methods of nail care is a natural look and beneficial effect on the health of nails. One of the biggest advantages is that the nails are treated and also significantly nourished. They will receive much-needed vitamins.
Completely whole method is based on natural products such as beeswax, royal jelly, kieselguhr or powdered seashells. It's a way to take care of the hands of any woman who desires to have nails to look perfect and healthy. The result surpasses the classic manicure using clear varnish.
The way the method is applied, in addition, supports blood circulation and nail growth. Yet it is also to reinforce and protect the surface itself. This nail is protected against common external influences. It is an ideal method in the event that your nails are brittle, poorly growing or are frayed. The only exceptions are destroyed and thin nails - in this case, you can not use file, but only polisher.


P-Shine Manicure + paraffin wrap      Price: 390 CZK


Paraffin wrap               Price: 150 CZK

The skin on my hands is definitely in nejnamáhanějším parts of the human body. Normally we use for work, often something we reach several times a day can wash our hands ... This burden is subsequently reflected dry and chapped skin, unsightly cuticles and weak nails and třepícími. But these problems can be easily avoided if you devote your hands due diligence. If you too are looking for the perfect hands, perfect for you will be especially popular paraffin hand!
Paraffin hand are beneficial procedure that combines both health and aesthetic effects, and are effective from the first aplikace.Bílý paraffin hand
Effects paraffin hand wraps:
improves blood circulation,
relax muscles and joints,
off and soften the skin,
leaving your hands smooth and rested,
pleasantly warm up the skin,
nourish and strengthen nails.

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