Make-up and Make-up courses

Day makeup    
The basic makeup on a regular day to be quick in terms of time and accuracy in terms of color type and needs of women. Makeup includes basic brief counseling. More information about the correction, colors and other questions will give you our course for women.


Evening make-up
This significant trial was adapted into the evening light - at parties, celebrations, receptions, just whenever you go to a company and you want to blend in with the makeup and hairstyle and clothes in addition lasted all night. For corporate events can also depict more women in your company.
Wedding makeup brides and other women
In this trial is an emphasis on alignment with all accessories and after the color and style, so it is very important previous meeting and rehearsal. It is also possible makeup done at home and make-up not only the bride but also other women.


Makeup for fashion shows
We provide makeup for the show of evening dresses, clothing for sports and leisure, swimwear or underwear.
Makeup courses - what awaits you on our courses up?
Makeup courses are designed for all women who want to look good not only on ceremonial occasions, but also every day.
Here you will learn to spell your face. You'll practices makeup for any occasion, you will learn to use a variety of products, try a new trick professionals.
Do you want to learn how to relate? You do not know what colors and what type of makeup suits you, you do not know how to proceed in the trial? Want to learn the day or evening makeup? You can select a plurality of types of courses up, each held individually only with you and each takes approximately 1-2 hours. Simply choose.
Personal mini course + makeup professional brush (1 hour) Price: 750, - CZK
Personal mini course + makeup professional brush (2 hours) Price: 1.290, - CZK
Personal mini course modeling of the face (45 min) Price: 500, - CZK

Price list: 

Day Makeup 300 CZK
Evening Makeup 400 CZK
Bride Makeup with prove 950 CZK
Bride package(Bride, Mom, 1 girl makeup) 2000 CZK
Makeup for events, models.... From 500CZK
Foto Makeup style 790 CZK


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