Body Treatments

Mud Wrap seaweed based GUAM® natural formula is the perfect ways to effectively combat cellulite, swelling, sagging skin and other deficiencies figures. Strengthen your immune system by using extraordinary natural components of the Italian cosmetics.
Preparations based on mud and seaweed GUAM (complex green, red, brown seaweed and fucus in combination with clay and essential oils) are interchangeable in fighting cellulite, exhaust pollutants and toxins, increase skin elasticity and reduction of age changes.
Seaweed is harvested in the cold ocean waters in Brittany (France) near the Ligurian coast (Italy) according to traditional techniques without the use of instruments.
Clinical effects were tested by Institute of Pharmacology at Pavia (Italy).
The original composition - exclusive formula for intensive body care
Indications: cellulite different stages (including fibrosis) without associated vascular and gynecological problems. Laxity of the skin (decrease tone).
Effect of components:
Compositions mud and seaweed GUAM® in combination with clay effectively absorb nevylučitelné substances, clears pores and reinforce periferický circulation. Prepares the skin penetration of the active ingredients mud mask: natural extracts and essential oils of lemon for the effective splitting of fat cells, enhancing periferického circulation and skin tone.
Seaweed contains: iodine, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, phosphorus, magnesium, cobalt, manganese, boron, silicon, zinc, iron, calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B, C, B3, K, also proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, mannitol. Effects seaweed: enriches the skin with oxygen, improve the respiratory function, generate thermal effect, microelements penetrate the skin and activate metabolism, breaks down fat cells, causing the removal of fats and toxins.
Marine sediments - hold toxins released (adsorbents) guambeautymudbeach.jpg
The extract of ivy - heats the skin in depth, accelerating microcirculation and conversion processes in fat cells has drainage effects.
Chestnut extract - strengthens blood vessels.
Essential oils of lemon and oregano - assist in the breakdown of fats and deeper penetration of biologically active substances into the skin.
Horsetail Extract - helps to eliminate swelling.
Menthol - accelerates microcirculation.
Ingredients cosmetics LACO (manufacturer mud application) acting on the beta receptors of the skin that are responsible for the breakdown of fats. Increasing the activity of beta-receptors leads to splitting of fat cells and the removal of toxins, ie. to reduce the volume and reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Natural cosmetics addressing not only the problems of cellulite and obesity, but also usually associated with vascular disorders (varicose veins expansion - with the exception of the stage of "nodes", leg swelling, enlargement of capillary networks).
Mud mask is applied to the skin of the thighs and buttocks, packaged in foil, covered with a blanket and left to warm to operate for 45 minutes, then wash away with lukewarm water (at the salon get a disposable paper pants).
Products can be purchased directly at the salon and wraps can apply themselves at home. You get an instructional video on DVD and scheme with recommendations how often to apply the mask.
The results of using products GUAM® (after stopping treatment)
Complete cure 1st and 2nd stage of cellulite;
Improving the condition of the 3rd and 4th degree of cellulite;
Reducing the volume of the hip 3-5 cm after 8 sessions;
A significant increase in skin elasticity;
Improving tone veins, reduce swelling of the feet;
Reducing the capillary network on their feet;
Reduction retract overhanging skin resulting after childbirth.
Protective measures and contraindications:
Before the procedures, it is necessary to test for compatibility.
The various kinds of treatments must undergo a pregnant woman.
Procedures can be performed after any type of depilation and after mechanical injury to the skin.


Tipe of body wraps:

Anti cellulite body wrap  70 min                  Price: 750 CZK

Slimming hips and thig body wrap 40 min  Price: 750 CZK

Body wrap Anti Age 60 min                        Price: 750 CZK

Body dren wrap 90 min                               Price: 850 CZK

Revitalizing body wrap 70 min                    Price: 750 CZK

Bust wrap 35 min                                        Price: 495 CZK

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