As rightly daily clean your skin?
Most women are too complicated differentiates dry, irritate the skin and helps its emergence tiny wrinkles.
If you are among those to your evening makeup removal need a large amount of cotton balls and differentiates and differentiates and tampons are still remnants of makeup, then I give you some advice.
Try to odlíčit while showering and certainly that connect business with pleasure.
Lotion and cleansing foam, apply wet all over my face. Circular motion (without pads) briefly rub and then wash with water. According to the deposition mekeupu repeat and then just have to use two cotton swabs and purified by re face a tonic and tonic. (In any case, waterproof mascara and make-up remover eyes we have special preparations for the eyes separately).
This method is not only faster, but compared with a conventional remover is dry and pleasant and much kinder to your skin. A consumption of cotton balls will certainly fall :-).
Do not forget a face mask!
Using a facial mask at home? Not what?
Facial Mask is quite often damned medicine for the skin. And it's a mistake. If you had applied three times a week in the morning to cleansed face face mask, leaving her to act than to drink coffee or poklidíte breakfast dishes, you'd be surprised how hard it would be to know your skin. It really takes you a little while.
Facial Mask gives the skin the active substance, tone and healthy returns on time restores hydration and moisture to your face.
So try it out.